I love houseplans. Like, seriously. I could spend hours working over a plan, getting it just right, envisioning where to put furniture and flooring and colors. I started drawing out my "Dream home" with my aunt Kristen when I was just little. At that time it was huge, with balconies and wrap around porches, lots of bedrooms and a movie-theater room, sometimes with an indoor pool. You know, dream big, right?
Now my dreams have changed a bit, perhaps they've grown up? My dream home still has character and I need space for my family, but I'm okay with small. In fact, I prefer it. I don't need extra, unused bathrooms to clean and collect dust, after all! I love country farmhouses with porches and open living space. I don't need a formal dining room but I need another room for a school room, since I am homeschooling our boys. I don't need lots of bedrooms, I think sharing is good for kids, but I'd love to have a guest bedroom/loft so that family can come to visit.
Even as my plans have evolved, I have to consider budget too. William would LOVE to pay cash for this construction. Heck, so would I! But we don't have it yet. We've bought land, we've started a business, we just barely upgraded to a 2-car, 2 cell-phone family, all while paying cash, but the money's not flowing in so much that we could buy/build a house right now in cash. But that's another story.
My houseplans keep changing, getting smaller, more economical, reminding myself that this will be our first home and doesn't have to be our last either.  This is my latest favorite design. It's 1295 sq feet of living space. We'd use the garage for our businesses and add a basement under the kitchen/livingroom for extra storage. I think it has potential to add on in the future or be a suitable house to sell to someone else. I'd simplify it a little, taking out the fancy windows and a more rustic garage, probably go for a cream or gray color with a corrugated metal roof and wood pillars. Can you see the vision?

*See the house plans and details here
We spent last week at my parents house and spent one beautiful morning picking sour pie cherries. I grew up knowing that homemade cherry pie was something special- something we usually had only a few times a year, on Thanksgiving, President's Day (you know, George Washington and the cherry tree), and on my dad's birthday, because it was his favorite with homemade ice cream. For several years this tree has had worms and we've had to bypass the pies or find some place to buy the cherries, but this year the tree is full and the fruit is beautiful. Here's to a cherry pie for the 4th? If I can convince myself to turn on the oven!