Most of us are most familiar with chicken eggs. Eating other bird's eggs may sound strange or at least uncommon, but here's the thing- there are multiple health benefits and it's fun to change things up a bit sometimes! The two things I've noticed the most about duck eggs is first, obviously their size. They are larger than your usual large or even extra large chicken eggs. We even tried to use old extra-large egg cartons and the lids won't close. The second thing, the yolks are huge! The yolk to white ratio is larger and I think that's one of the reasons you may have heard that duck eggs are often preferred for baking cakes and the like. Here is a post on the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs from The Free Range Life, if you'd like to know more! 
This picture is just an example of the yellow fuzziness I have been hoping to add to our flock. It seems that winter is a hard time to ship ducklings. Not many hatcheries even offer baby fowl at this time of year, but we have been anxious to get our little flock growing! We found a hatchery in Pennsylvania who offers 1 day shipping and we went for it! As we anxiously awaited their arrival to the post office, it got later and later. We tried to track them down, I am certain they were sitting in a truck or storage facility and we would have willingly driven a fair distance to pick them up, but alas, my current trust in the USPS to keep up with their orders has fallen and our box of fuzzy yellow, chirping ducklings arrived icy cold and frozen. Three. Different. Times. We did get one box delivered on time and those sweet ducklings are growing like weeds! But we've decided to put off any more orders until warmer weather comes.
The ducklings we do have are Mascovy and will lay beautiful, large eggs for us in a few more months! Add them to our current flock of 18 and we should have plenty of duck eggs to go around! William gathers eggs each morning. My job is to make sure they are clean and packaged. There is a certain satisfaction to counting out 18 eggs each morning (sometimes less, but our 18 layers are incredibly consistent!).