There's nothing quite like watching the man you love and call your husband become a father. It's little things, like the way he takes the time each night to sing to the boys as they fall asleep. Or the way he patiently explains the project he's working on or takes one of them with when he goes to town for supplies or has work to do on horseback or on the four wheeler. And the boys? They come back from such trips with big smiles and all sorts of stories to tell. One reason we knew from the beginning that we wanted to farm/ranch/homestead was so that our boys would have plenty of time to spend with their dad. Looking at our three boys, someone recently asked us, "how many boys is it going to take to run your farm?" For now, three. If more boys bless our home in the future, I'm sure there will always be work and play enough for all.
Our desire for our boys to have time with their Papi was one of the big motivations behind our decision to move from Idaho to Utah. And I'll also add, I was missing my husband. Cattle ranchers are hard workers. They work from before sun up to after sun down and even in between, should the need arise. It's work that William enjoyed and I love that we could sometimes join him in his work, but it asks an awful lot of a man and his family. It was a constant struggle between loving it and wanting to leave it.
Anyhow, back in Antimony. A week or so after we'd moved I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with unpacking and getting settled, wondering about our future and how all of our dreams could ever come true. How was it ever going to all work out like the pretty picture I have in my head? I was washing dishes and the boys began fighting over a toy pocket-knife. Rather than try to force some sort of sharing, I chose the "distract and separate method" this time and sent Jared outside to "check on" Papi who was out building quail pens. He came back a half-hour or so later, tears dried, a big smile on his face, and a newly carved wooden pocket-knife in his hand. My heart filled with a certain kind of contentment. I may still feel uncertain about any number of things, but I know God is watching over us and I love that when one of our sons was sad, he could tell his Papi all about it and Papi could take the time to listen and make it all better. It's for moments like this that we left our first home and steady income and good friends and moved in with my in-laws to start our own business, buy our own land and build our own home. I know it's going to take some time, but I believe we'll make it if we stick together. We need each other and today I am reminded of how much a boy needs his father. Stay tuned for a review on a book that talked a lot about a father's involvement in raising boys. It was an excellent read, so check back next week!



02/27/2016 4:07pm

Loved reading this! I'm so happy you found a great man to marry who is such a good father to your boys! I know you're a great mom too!

01/15/2017 9:39pm

I admire how this couple handled their beautiful marriage and relationship. As most woman hope to have such very caring and responsible spouse and partner in life, you are lucky enough to have spent your life with your right man and partner in life. I have read and watch different movies and many stories of marriage already,and this is one of the best. I wish you and your family more blessings and luck. And more years to be together with each other and with the kids as well.

03/03/2016 8:50pm

It is all about perspective and counting our blessings. We can choose to be so happy. I love that you are seeing the joy in the journey. I know a young family is demanding but it is so worthwhile. (Especially when you love so much)

06/22/2016 12:17am

I do agree the little boys need fathers and little girls needs a mother for guidance. It's more important to stick together, good thing that you did that because it will make your family stronger and would keep the love tight with each other. Dreaming of a farm is really hard, I'm glad that you've started some things that might help you to achieve your dream farm. I really like the way you told the story of how a father gives time to his children and how he listen to every story the kid has. As a kid when I was young I admire my parent because they answer all my questions about things that I don't know back then. I really felt the love, the love of my parent for us being together.


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04/08/2017 12:56pm

the story of father and son. This is an endless story and a journey to an adult life.


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