I've mentioned this before, but I'm pretty new to raising ducks and quail and guinea hens and pigeons. Especially with the frigid temperatures we've had lately it has been pretty easy to just let William head outside every morning and evening to take care of the animals while I take care of kids and dinner and a hundred other things (right, fellow Mama's?). But early this morning William left with a delivery of duck eggs and will stay in the Salt Lake area for a few days to attend the Small Farm and Urban Conference put on by Utah State University. It should provide some great ideas as well as help and know-how and networking when it comes to starting up in the small-farm business in Utah. And that leaves us home with some 150 little critters to care for.
I'm sure I could have left the kids for a few minutes in the house while I ran out, but one of our dreams is to have this be a family business, something we do together. So first thing this morning we all bundled up, T took out the compost bucket, J carried the egg basket, I filled a bucket of water, and S carried the lid to the compost bucket. The lid didn't need to go out with us, but he's a very helpful 1 year old and needed a job. You know. We fed the right feed to the right birds, filled their water, gathered eggs, emptied the compost, and fed the dogs on the way back in. It doesn't sound like much here on "paper", but it sure felt like an accomplishment as we walked back in the house! It was fun enough, but William, if you're reading this, know that you are missed!


08/11/2016 7:36am

Learning is making connections in order for me to reach new knowledge or a new truth.I believe that learning is a long process. I absolutely agree with you, the experience of life teaches me far more than my years of study through school or books or career. The process of beginning each day by opening my heart with gratitude for the gift being presented, then embracing and experiencing each moment as fully as possible. I have to agree learning is life and life is learning. Sometimes it is fear that stops the learning process, though sometimes it is life happening.

04/08/2017 12:58pm

Treat this as a new opportunity to learn and find something more. I love a new beginnings.


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