"Throw Back Thursday" is a thing, right? So why not jump on board here at the Porter Family Farm? Here goes.
It was hunting season in Idaho. William had gone out for a few hours to try his luck. When he came back in the house, empty-handed, I didn't say much. If he hadn't been able to shoot his deer on his first morning out, I wasn't going to rub it in. But then he smiled big and asked if we wanted to join him. We all grabbed our jackets and followed him out. We jumped on the four-wheelers and just a few minutes from the house we found the white-tail buck he had shot. The boys got quite an education that morning on hunting and safety and deer anatomy. They still talk about gutting the deer each time we pull out a piece from the freezer and cook it up for dinner. It's moments like these that I love being a mother and watching my boys with their Papi. And I am grateful to be the one cooking up the final product and snapping the pictures instead of doing the shooting or skinning. I'll leave that to my men.


09/11/2016 2:56pm

Aw, you have adorable kids! It seems like you all had a great time hunting in Idaho! I have never been there but now that I know it was a great place to be at for you, I might visit there.


What a nice story of the past! I'm glad to know that as a family, you find time enjoying each other's company. Perhaps, you guys were his lucky charms since he was able to shot a deer when you joined him. I'm glad that this kind of memories are still remembered, after all, it's worth keeping! I am hoping that you were able to preserve that kind of relationship until now!


Hunting is a great activity to spend with your kids. They would learn faster from the wild world.


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