As we perused craigslist we found a man who hatches out quail and tada! We are quail owners! We kept them indoors for the first night they were here and my boys decided that they are pretty fun to watch. If you've seen other chicks, these are just the same, but tiny! We bought one hundred of them and will plan on fifty of them being hens that will lay beautiful, spotted, miniature eggs. Quail eggs also have lots of health benefits- more on that later as they start to lay. For now we'll keep stocking up on bags and bags of feed and watching the little guys grow!



Quail is a delicate bird to work with but tastes amazing if nailed! I am really delighted to learn about your experience with it. I have had quail quite often as well and I like it too.

09/22/2016 9:51am

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02/08/2017 8:53pm

It's good that you're having a good time with your children. Owning quails and having it as your business is a good decision nowadays. Only few people choose to venture in this business. But what makes me happy is the fact that you let your children be involved in this activity. At least, they get to experience what it feels to take care of quails, and eventually know ideas in the world of business!

04/08/2017 12:59pm

I was raised at farm too. And this was the best time I have had! I miss my childhood.


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