We have puppies! They're cute and playful and fuzzy and chunky. And it's almost time to say good-bye to them and send them on to new homes where they will be loved by another family. Once these little guys opened their eyes and started moving around, it has been the boys job to play with them daily. Which really, wasn't too hard to get them to do. The warm weather and the puppies have enticed my boys to head outside for hours every day, and they've got the pink noses to show for it! The sunshine has been good for all of us and I am excited for spring!
One puppy adventure story happened the other day when the momma, Nana, was crying at the door. She sounded awful and we wondered if she'd been hit by a car, but it turns out, she was asking for help for one of her babies. Towards the front of the house there is a small pond- it's only a foot or so deep and maybe five feet across. One of the puppies must have been feeling adventurous as she curiously got closer to the water where we found she'd fallen in and was dog-paddling like crazy. Remember, it's still close to freezing every night and this was first thing in the morning, so it was cold. My mother-in-law pulled her out and we took her inside to dry her off. She shivered for another 25 minutes, the sweet thing, but before long she was ready to go out and play with her brothers and sisters again. 
I am often surprised by nature and the innate knowledge inside each of us and inside animals. When Nana had her pups, it was cold and snowy outside. She dug herself a small den, in the best place possible for her new little family, and we hardly knew that they'd been born at all! When the puppy fell in the pond, she instictively knew how to swim, at least a little, and Nana knew she needed help to get her out. I know we often hear new parents, myself included, wishing our kids came with a User's Manual. But you know what? It's in us. It's a part of us. It's not something you can always generalize and write down or fully learn from someone else or even consciously recognize sometimes, but being a mom or a dad is part of our very nature. It's part of who we've been created to be and it's pretty awesome. 


03/14/2016 8:13pm

It is so true. We are given our children on loan from God. He trusts us to do the best we can and he continually is offering help, guidance, protection. He makes up the difference where we fall short and he helps us to have hope and keep trying. Intuition and being guided by the spirit as mothers is huge and works so well. We are the nurturers and Dad is the protector. Together with a father and a mother, children have the best possible recipe for success.

08/02/2016 1:24am

I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get advice from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thank you!

09/05/2016 2:09am

They are so cute! How old are they now? Thank you for this amazing post.

09/19/2016 2:00am

As parents we have an incredible power to shape positively children’s attitudes and behaviors, including how they treat others. I am also a mom of two boys and I can say that this is the hardest job ever! Most of my friends say that there is a big difference of having son and daughter but because of your post about parenting I am able to learn some tips and techniques on raising my sons. Thank you for sharing your stories which is a big help for me.

04/08/2017 12:54pm

Everybody love puppies., They are so cute and adorable. This is a mechanism of surviving.


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