Sometimes I just have to smile when my boys insist that they no longer need naps. These hard-working, hard-playing boys are tuckered out more than they'll admit!


A kid really needs naps so that they can grow faster and gain energy for the day. Thanks for sharing your pictures I really can relate to it during my childhood days. I remember the days when my mom wants me to take a nap in the afternoon, but I don't want so I stay awake to play more and she got mad about it but I still continued playing. That's how I encapsulated the story, but my main reason of sharing that is that I learned a lesson that really impacts my life today. The first lesson is that we really need it to grow and replenish our energy from the activities that we do. Second is that we need it when we are old because even though we want to do it during our 20s-30s age, we can't because we are too busy of the things must do.

04/08/2017 12:53pm

Yeah, kids. They can sleep in any position they want. Like a little kitten that fell asleep on the halfway.

07/31/2017 11:54pm

In this time when human is working like a machine even we have no time for family and friends we are just working, working and so on. We should take some time for our family members and spend time with them.

09/16/2017 5:45pm

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