We are just starting our business in building caskets ( "Just Put Me in a Pine Box Caskets" ). It's a different kind of business to be in and I have wondered how to properly give respect to the deceased person and their family while still carrying out a business transaction. I hope to always conduct myself in such a way that honors the life and example and memory of those who have gone before us.
At the same time that I was very caught up in the details of construction and inventory, websites and business cards, my grandpa, who has been on the decline for awhile, had a stroke. We arranged to build him a casket. Some years ago, my father, who always seems to have unique connections and ideas, saved the trunk of a black walnut tree that was cut down from the Manti Temple Hill. With the special story behind the wood itself, a beautiful black-walnut casket was built. It was stunning. As I worked on the lining and sewed the pillow I thought about Grandpa. And then it happened and my grandpa died on May 8th. His funeral was held this last weekend. It was such a privilege to be a part of the creation of this final resting place for his body, at the foot of the Manti temple.
I know a funeral isn't a place that many people want to ever be. And I can't say I want to be there often, but his funeral was amazing. I loved seeing so much family after so many years. I loved sharing memories about Grandpa and laughing together at just how much my own boys resemble those old pictures of Grandpa and his young family. I felt so strongly the love of a Heavenly Father who is watching over all of us and who promises that families have the potential to be reunited again after this life. I will miss my grandpa, but I left the funeral services with a new determination to live life fully, to love wholly, to work hard and to find joy in the small moments.
Grandpa's posterity, minus one missionary.


05/30/2016 4:36pm

Thank you for the beautiful casket made with love and for the kind note you mailed. You are running a business of quality and integrity.

06/23/2017 4:30am

When I first saw the casket, I thought that you were about to narrate a sad story for everyone. I was so surprised when I knew that it was you and your husband who designed and made your Grandfather's casket. At least, you were able to give your last special gift for him, right? By the way, I can see that you have a creative hands. Mold it and make it your business as soon as you are already capable!

10/12/2016 5:06am

To start a new business of post their journey in your blog is the good way of take positive comments from site visitor. I check all details about you but I appreciate your good work that you are a wife and mother of three children but you are doing very well work.

12/20/2016 11:20pm

Your kind of life with your partner is the kind of life that many people wish to have. Having a cowboy husband and raising duck and quail for a living is something that I've only read on fictional stories. I bet that it's a very pleasant feeling living in that kind of environment. I'm so sorry about what happened to your grand father. Many people have attended your grand dad's funeral meaning that many people admire him and he's really a great person. Truly, even small moments should be cherished.

01/13/2017 12:53am

Though I have to admit that I hate seeing caskets, your story is inspiring and there is something to be learned. I am also glad that you feel honored that you are part of the creation where your Grandpa's body would rest, and I think you did a very good job! There is always rainbow after the rain! At least now, you realized that you being a creative person is bound for you to be a bigger person!

04/08/2017 12:51pm

What a terrible business I must admit. Literally scary! Who was the author of this idea?

07/23/2017 3:55pm

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