As part of the Porter Family Farm, we also run a business called "Just Put Me in a Pine Box Caskets". You've heard the conversation before. Grandpa is getting older, maybe he's sick and he knows his time on earth is coming up. In his stubborn way, he insists that his family not spend tens of thousands of dollars on his funeral. "Just put me in a pine box", he says.
On the other side of the conversation, the family members who are mourning a loved one want something beautiful, something that is worthy of the life their loved one led, a proper resting place.
This is where we come in. We build quality wooden caskets available in pine, mahogony, red cedar and black walnut. They are beautifully finished and highly praised. We believe in the beauty of hardwood and good craftsmanship. And then they are sold directly to the buyer, saving you money. They fit in a standard sized vault and the mortuary you choose must, by law, honor your choice of casket to use, even if it's not bought through them. Really, it's a win-win situation.  We are sure you will be pleased with a purchase from 'Just Put Me in a Pine Box' Casekts.


09/21/2016 2:44am

I regularly follow all your blogs and articles, there is always something new and inspiring thing in your posts.You people are just amazing and inspire able.Not everyone would think such different things and implement them to there lives.


Picking out a good coffin or deathbed for our fallen loved ones is already a tribute for them. Nowadays, buying caskets are getting more expensive. So, with this promotion, I think I'll be getting my money's worth if I buy from you. It is better to invest in a good casket than to buy a substandard kind. I'll make sure to recommend this to those who are in need of one.


I will recommend your caskets to my colleagues. I believe we all deserve a beautiful casket when we die. It is a tribute for the good things we've done on earth. I'm sure our money will be worth it for these caskets. Please post more pictures of your caskets. Keep it up!

02/02/2017 12:33am

I've heard the story you posted about your grandfather's last wish about not spending too much in his burial. Now I've seen the casket you made for him. Looking at the final result, it seems that you've undergone too much effort in making this one! Also, it's made of Pine, meaning to say, the quality is there!

04/08/2017 12:52pm

So your husband is carpenter? But why do you choose a caskets?


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