When we first show people our quail eggs, they first comment on how small they are and then ask how we use them. Well, just like a chicken egg, basically! Quail eggs do have a thicker membrane just under the shell that don't split very easily, so when cracking them open they actually have special "scissors" ( can be bought a number of places, including amazon.com ). They are pretty slick when working with quail eggs, but you can also simply crack the shell, then use kitchen shears to clip them open in a pinch. With an abundance of quail eggs, we've been enjoying them for breakfast! They make cute little fried eggs and the other morning, my husband whipped up a bunch of these cute miniature "Eggs in a Hole".

You first melt butter in a frying pan. While it's heating over medium heat, cut small, quarter-size circles out of small slices of bread (we also quartered the slices of bread). Place the bread on the pan and break a quail egg into each center. Add salt and pepper and after about a minute, flip over and cook on the other side for another 30-90 seconds or until it's done to your preference. Serve and enjoy!



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