Running or starting a business isn't something I ever thought I'd actually do. Of course, I always liked the idea though. When I was 8 years old, my dad took the leap, quit his job and started his own business as a mechanical engineer doing consulting. I know, I know, I don't REALLY know what that means either, but I do know that it gave him freedom to more or less set his own schedule, get paid for his work without going through the company middle-man, and work from a home office. He traveled here and there, but he was also at home and available when I needed him. My parents always encouraged me to work and earn the money I needed for the things I wanted. I did some odd jobs for my dad and his new business, but my first real venture was baking bread and selling it around the neighborhood. I did it consistently, paid my mom for supplies and knew that every Thursday morning, that's what I would be doing. (Did I mention that I was home-schooled? It certainly opened up some time to be able to do this kind of thing).
Fast-forward 10 years and I found myself marrying a man who also had a dream of being his own boss and having the freedom to do the things he wanted to do. We spent 5 years working hard, saving up, and learning what we could about entrepreneurship. I highly recommend podcasts with Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership, 48 Days to the Work You Love (Dan Miller), This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt.
And then, the opportunity came up and we jumped. We bought some land, moved in with my in-laws, and started our own businesses. They are still young and we are figuring things out as we go, but there are a few things that I've learned along the way.
First, have confidence in your product. Do the research and know where your market will be, but then do your job with pride. At first I found myself saying, "Well, we have some ducks and are trying to sell eggs...." or "It's kinda strange, but my husband has an uncle who's a cabinet-maker and he's building caskets for us that we finish and line....". It makes conversation, but it doesn't show anyone that you are excited about what you are doing or that you have something that they might want. Be confident.
Second, just jump in. I don't know how you would ever measure the moment when you are truly "ready" and there's no reason to lose time trying to get there. In fact, being in the middle of it is where you'll learn the quickest. So start. Start small and you'll figure things out. For example, this website. It's not fancy, it's not perfect and I go through and change things around a bit sometimes, but if I had doubted that I was ready, I'd still be watching you-tube videos or visiting other's websites or wishing we could just hire somebody to do it for us.
Third, stay inspired. If I find myself feeling down about it or not sure what I'm doing, I turn on a podcast or read a blog. Sometimes I find specific things I can do better, sometimes I just get excited that there are other people out there who are finding success and that I can too.
Fourth, sit down and get to work. For a long time I kept putting off the actual business licensing. I mean, how are you supposed to know how to do all that? I'm still hoping it's all been done correctly, but at least in Utah, they have a One Stop Business Resource ( )where you can apply for licenses and find out what you need to to legally get started.

So there you go. Have an idea and get started. Get your website and licensing in order. And then you can focus on production and marketing and improving from there. If you are a business owner, what advice do you have for someone just getting started? I'll keep you posted as I continue to learn.


10/04/2016 12:30pm

I'm so porud and happy to hear about your success! I hope it all works out for you in the long run, but i the meantime keep writing your blogs to keep us updated. I would love to hear about this!


It takes a lot of hard work, talent, and a bit of luck for a business to prosper. I admire those people who are brave enough to venture into any kind of business. It's not as easy as it looks like. It is so different from working as a manager in a company or as an ordinary employee. In my opinion it is much easier working for a company, than owning the company or the business yourself. Yes, you are your own boss, but at the same time, you are a servant too because you are offering a service. The level of dedication is different because it is you who decides what will make or break your company. I also wanted to venture into a business back in the day, but it did not come into fruition. I was just too scared to venture into it.

03/13/2017 7:55am

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